About Us

Luxuryhotelstayforless is a boutique luxury travel company which stands out because of our customer service. We know how frustrating it can be to find a property online, and once you have found it, waiting for a response about availability, never talking to the same person twice, or having to wade through automated answering services and never talking to a human being. At luxuryhotelstayforless, your own personal associate works to help you find the perfect spot within your budget, and he or she remains your contact from beginning to end. We are large enough to have hundreds of properties to choose from, but small enough to handle every one of your concerns personally. This is why we have compiled a database right here for you to search and find the exact property you are looking for.

Our headquarters is in Miami Beach and we have staff around the world ready to help you plan your vacation at all hours of the day. With over 10 years combined experience, we will successfully service your needs from the most basic of properties to the most high-end. Our network is large and we are expanding to countries around the world.

Let luxuryhotelstayforless plan your next great trip!

Message from the CEO

Nathalie Cohen is the CEO and founder of luxuryhotelstayforless LLC. She was a licensed real estate agent who spent many successful years in the Miami area selling properties, but always had a vision of something bigger than simple real estate sales. Cohen is the tireless, hands-on head of one of the newest and already preeminent vacation property rental companies in the world. It is Nathalie Cohen’s devotion to maintaining a personal client-agent relationship that makes people choose luxuryhotelstayforless over similar services located on the Web and elsewhere. Her staff is vetted by Cohen’s insistence on not only having knowledge of the marketplace, but also the willingness of each agent to go the extra mile and always be available personally to the client. She believes in building a clientele as opposed to having one-time customers.

Nathalie was kind enough to sit down and answer a few questions:

Q: Where did the name ‘luxuryhotelstayforless’ come from ?

A: (she smiles) Actually, it’s a combination of the words ‘vacation’ and ‘Amazon’. Plus, it kind of sounds like the word ‘vacation’. Like Amazon sells everything else in the world; we sell all types of vacations.

Q: When did the idea of vacation rentals occur to you?

A: During the housing bubble, people in my business were making money “flipping” houses, and then the bottom dropped out. Many people owned these amazing homes and condominiums. I realized that if these people could make revenue by renting out their properties short-term, they could still gain revenue from their investment. Just because the housing market dropped, didn’t mean people stopped coming to Miami for vacations. It was a win-win situation for everyone.

Q: Why a vacation rental company as opposed to a real-estate company ?

A: A vacation rental company has the interests of the client and the owner. We are the middleman. We are the go-between. We make sure all parties get what they want. The real-estate business is pretty one-sided. Clients call luxuryhotelstayforless knowing we will explore all options available to make their vacation the best.

Q: And the future of luxuryhotelstayforless ?

A: (she laughs) To be the one-stop-shop for everyone’s vacation needs. From property rental of the place of your dreams to all the amenities in between. One phone number for all over the world.

Q: Those are some pretty lofty goals.

A: Really? I don’t think so.